Dr Peter P Mayer, IAH Hon President and Treasurer - Future of the IAH

We need to decide if the Institute should be dissolved or continue at the AGM and seminar on 16 July 2019. We have an executive meeting on 21 May where a recommendation on this needs to be agreed.

Since the last AGM on 18 July 2018,  there has been little interaction with new or old trustees and our Chair Dr Dayani has left Birmingham and will be seeking a replacement.

His view is that there is an important future role in:

“I think the Institute could be very useful as a think-tank/forum for ideas on healthcare issues wider than care of the elderly. It is independent; its membership is largely frontline and academic health and social care workers who have an opportunity to say things as they see them (with appropriate solutions). There is a need for such a voice as unfortunately the NHS and Social Care are failing to impact dramatically on outcomes within the West Midlands and arguably more widely.”

I shall attach my slide set from the review at the Millennium but to extract at that time the considerations were:

Our mission is...

“To promote the better health of older people through encouraging inter-disciplinary training, research and excellence in practice and services

- does this need to change?”

Now 19 years later the question remains.

The Institute was launched in 1972 as a precursor to the establishment of a Chair in Geriatric Medicine and continued in partnership after that was established in 1975 as an organisation for education discussion supporting research and publishing for all disciplines with an interest in the health and care of older people.

Until last year it had offices in the Community Trust, mainly at Moseley Hall Hospital and a paid administrator. These no longer exist and the former administrator Jeanette Lane has become a trustee and provides pro bono support while still employed by the NHS trust. We will have at least £40000 in our accounts this financial year.

But the fundamental issue is whether there are enough people willing to be active trustees if we agree with Andrew that there is still an important role for this 47-year-old organisation.

So please we need your views and willingness to participate. The RCN is continuing to support us for meetings and we hope to have a workforce related wellness seminar with the AGM on 16 July 2019.

Future of IAH Presentation Download