The Institute of Ageing and Health was originally founded in 1971 as the West Midlands Institute of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology, to provide a focus for good multidisciplinary practice and further education in the medical problems of older people and the establishment of an academic Chair. With funding from Sir Charles Hayward, Professor Bernard Isaacs came into post in 1975.

Membership has always been multidisciplinary, and the Institute has held educational events within the region, as well as publishing its own journal.

Academic healthcare of older people is now once again flourishing within the West Midlands, and the Trustees have made the decision to re-launch the Institute and to draw on the expertise of the clinical and social scientists based in our three local Universities. Due to Covid, this has been delayed, but please watch this space (and follow us on social media) for more details.

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Membership of the Institute is available to anybody who has an interest in older people. As the emphasis of the Institute is on inter-disciplinary working, our membership is particularly appropriate for people who wish to share skills and knowledge with others. Whilst the geographical focus of the Institute is the West Midlands, membership is open to anyone who shares our objective.

Latest Blogs

Latest Blogs

Book Review and Launch: “Dementia in Prison: An Ethical Framework to Support Research, Practice and Prisoners”

Professor Joanne Rybacka-Brooke

Director of Centre for Social Care, Health and Related Research

Director of International Dementia and Culture Collaborative

IAH Trustee

The book Dementia in Prison has been written for healthcare professionals, prison staff and all of those who support prisoners. This book is divided into three sections, which commences with an overview of healthcare services within prison settings and the need to develop these to support an aging prison population, followed by an exploration of both the human rights of prisoners with dementia, and ethical considerations of healthcare in the prison setting, including the current support for prisoners with dementia, alongside an overview of ethical processes to enable the development of further research to support older prisoners and those with dementia.

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Mike Adams, Regional Director, RCN West Midlands and IAH Trustee - The RCN Campaign: Staffing for Safe and Effective Care

Ensuring the right numbers of skilled nursing staff in the right place at the right time is a laudable ambition of the new NHS Long Term Plan.

At the Royal College of Nursing we believe that this vision can only be realised if key individuals and organisations within the health care system – including the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care – are accountable in law for safe staffing levels.

There are currently around 40,000 vacancies for registered nurses in England alone, and one of the reasons for this chronic shortage is that no one is responsible for guaranteeing there is enough staff to ensure patients receive consistently safe and good quality care.

This lack of clear accountability cannot be allowed to continue.

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Dr Peter P Mayer, IAH Hon President and Treasurer - Future of the IAH

We need to decide if the Institute should be dissolved or continue at the AGM and seminar on 16 July 2019. We have an executive meeting on 21 May where a recommendation on this needs to be agreed.

Since the last AGM on 18 July 2018,  there has been little interaction with new or old trustees and our Chair Dr Dayani has left Birmingham and will be seeking a replacement.

His view is that there is an important future role in:

“I think the Institute could be very useful as a think-tank/forum for ideas on healthcare issues wider than care of the elderly. It is independent; its membership is largely frontline and academic health and social care workers who have an opportunity to say things as they see them (with appropriate solutions). There is a need for such a voice as unfortunately the NHS and Social Care are failing to impact dramatically on outcomes within the West Midlands and arguably more widely.”

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